Vanessa Williams - Greatest Hits The First Ten Years

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Vanessa Williams - Greatest Hits The First Ten Years

Mensaje por Admin el Lun Ene 22, 2018 3:09 pm

The excellent one compiled of the first 10 years of the musical career of the beautiful and talented Vanessa Williams. There includes the central song of the movie Pocahontas and Love Is from the soumdtrack of the series Beverly Hills 9021
Un excelente compilado de los primeros 10 años de la carrera musical de la bella y talentosa Vanessa Williams. Incluye el tema central de la película Pocahontas y Love Is desde la banda sonora de la serie Beverly Hills 90210.

01 - The Right Stuff
02 - Dreamin'
03 - Running Back To You
04 - The Comfort Zone
05 - Save The Best For Last
06 - The Sweetest Days
07 - Betcha Never
08 - Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly
09 - Oh How The Years Go By
10 - Love Is
11 - Colors Of The Wind
12 - Where Do We Go From Here
13 - My Flame


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